3D models

In order to make all technically relevant data for your construction as uncomplicated as possible available, we have compiled our products as 3D-CAD models in an online catalog.

Design-relevant product data can be downloaded free of charge in all common CAD file formats and included in your design plans. Time-consuming research and queries of 3D data is no longer necessary.

Technical requirement

Basically, the current versions should be used.

Permitted browser types:

The following browser types can be used with the END Customer:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 23 or higher
  • Opera Version 15 or higher
  • Google Chrome 28 or higher

Necessary browser settings (general):

The following settings of the browser must be given:

  • Permissibility of downloading cookies
  • Executability of Java scripts in the browser

Necessary browser settings (browser-dependent):

The following settings depend on the browser type used to display the 3D model (preview image / viewer) necessary:

Browser Native/ActiveX Java Applets WebGL Animiertes Gif PDF 3D
MS IEXX (min. 1.6)Only from IE 11XX (only with Adobe Reader)
FFX (only Windows)X (min. 1.6)XXX (only with Adobe Reader)
OperaX (only Windows)X (min. 1.6)X (from 15)XX (only with Adobe Reader)
ChromeX (only Windows)X (min. 1.6)XXX (only with Adobe Reader)