Colour temperature

Daylight white (5500 – 6000K)

The light colour daylight white (860) with 6000 Kelvin is recommended for the illumination of work areas. Studies have shown, that daylight white as workplace lighting makes employees more productive and perceived as more pleasant.

Using the full color spectrum keeps you more focuses and less fatigued.

Application: Salesrooms, supermarkets, workplaces, seminar rooms, ordinations, meeting rooms, showrooms´

Normal white (4000K)

The light colour normal white (840) with 4000 Kelvin offers a compromise between warm white and daylight white light and is best suited for the non-direct workplace.

The light colour is unobtrusive and inviting. While in the past the lighting of workplaces was often realized with normal white light, the trend for the illumination of workplaces is very strong towards daylight white light with 5500-600 Kelvin.

Application: Gyms, hairdressers, lounges, beauty salons, exhibition areas, corridors and passageways.

Warm white (3000K)

The light colour warm white (830) with 3000 Kelvin is preferably used in areas where you want to create a cozy atmosphere or ambient lighting.

Warm white light is not suitable for lighting workplaces!